The Ice Cube that
Became the Snowman

A metaphor that supports the
Problem-Solving Framework
I teach to professionals and their leaders.


Imagine your tasks and obstacles as ice cubes and your job is to melt them.

Next, imagine a huge pile of snow that represents anything that steals your daily capacity such as worry, drama, self-judgment, not saying no, resentment or change fatigue.

Melting ice cubes is easy. People make it harder by packing snow around them, turning ice cubes into snowmen.

The extra snow complicates work, causes destructive stress and steals performance capacity from talented leaders and their teams.

Using my universal problem-solving framework, I teach professionals how to blast through the snow.

The result is leaders get more done and are happier doing it, even in times of challenge and change.

Change your relationship with challenge and change.

RBC Royal Bank

Allison’s training is much more than a course in resiliency and goes to the heart of leading and engaging team members and helping to unlock their potential in challenging times. Many of our leaders said it was some of the most practical and inspirational training they had experienced in years.

RBC Royal Bank
Don Ludlow
Regional Vice-President, RBC Commercial Markets

Libro Financial Group

Allison is a dynamic speaker who brings context to what it takes to build profitable relationships and earn new sales in today’s market!

Libro Financial Group
Steve Bolton
Head Coach, President and CEO

Air Miles | Loyalty One

Allison is a dynamic speaker who provides practical advice. Feedback from the Loyalty One / Air Miles Women in Leadership event was extremely positive and associates put new found skills to work! Allison is the ultimate professional.

Air Miles | Loyalty One
Debbie Baxter
Vice-President Workplace Services

Gowling WLG

Allison Graham’s fresh perspective gave our partners and associates new tools and frameworks to incorporate specifically tailored business development activities to grow our thriving legal practice. Allison’s efforts to understand our unique sales environment was evident and her willingness to answer questions from the audience added a level of spontaneity that showcased her depth of expertise in this area.

Gowling WLG
Rosa Lupo

Western University

With energy and humour Allison helps individuals focus on a constructive approach to life’s challenges by making distinctions between everyday stress, obstacles and life changing adversity.

Western University
Carolyn Young
Director, Western University Continuing Studies

BMO Finanical Group

Allison’s keynotes offered inspiration and results. For example, one of the many stories of impact included after hearing Allison speak, a leader on my team self-identified as being caught in the victim trap, recognized her tendency to complain too much, took responsibility for her negative contribution to team dynamics and committed to practising Allison’s formula.

BMO Finanical Group
Sébastien Fauvel, MBA
Hiring, Onboarding & Engagement at BMO Financial Group

Ontario West Insurance Brokers

Allison inspired the team. She gave us great tools to help us through this challenging time. Amazing. Loved the message.

Ontario West Insurance Brokers
Traci Boland
Managing Partner

Association of Healthcare Philanthropy

Allison’s thought provoking concepts will inspire your inner Resiliency Ninja. With experience in the field of fundraising and resource development, Allison connected with our audience relevantly on both the career and personal perspectives. Unique, quirky and engaging, you’ll be ready to work on your own ninja ‘moves’. FU-CHAAA!

Association of Healthcare Philanthropy
Tammy Morison
Conference Chair, Convene Canada

Zavitz Insurance

Allison offered a great perspective on how to shift your mind and manage stress effectively. She engaged the team with a message that was timely, relevant and humorous. Hitting right to the core of your emotional state with no fluff.

Zavitz Insurance
Justine Zavitz


Allison, I’ve been telling them for years, but you gave a 75 minute keynote and they finally get it. Six months later and they are still quoting you

Tom Jesty
Regional Vice-President, Commerical Banking

Human Resources Professionals Association

Here’s the audience feedback from Allison Graham’s keynote at our holiday networking event: “Excellent! Best Ever!” … “Fantastic!” … “Very personable, informative and entertaining.”…”Great tips, I feel more confident.”…”Wonderfully entertaining, honest, fun and up-front approach to topic.” … “Unforgettable.”

Human Resources Professionals Association
Mila Lucio
Chapter President

TD Bank

You were absolutely fantastic today – the passion and conviction in what you do is so energizing and inspiring! On behalf of the TD Corporate WIL Committee, thank you so much for being the star of the event!

TD Bank
Sarah Grant
Chair, WIL Corporate

The Problem-Solving Framework

Once you’ve learned this three-part method for problem-solving, you can overlay the framework onto any issue to get solution-focused faster. Clients use this to stop destructive stress in its tracks and to minimize capacity-sucking barriers to performance.

situational awareness is step 1
step 2 is self awareness
solution activation is step 3
Author, Media Commentator,
Speaker, Lover of Metaphors

Allison Graham

It looked like I had it all. A budding media career, political aspirations and a speaking business with enviable clients. Like so many others, the public smile did not reflect the reality behind the curtain. I was overwhelmed; on the verge of burnout.


How I deliver my framework.

The depth of service varies depending on your needs and desired outcomes.

How Daily Stressors Steal Capacity
(Speaking Demo)

Standalone Engagements

Inspire your audience and give them actionable takeaways to master resilience and amplify capacity. (Full virtual production studio or home living room setting available.)

Leading a Resilient Culture
(Speaking Demo)

Leadership Programs

The Resilience Mastery Journey is for discerning leaders who strive for excellence without burnout.

The Risk of Busy - Missing Kids' Childhood
(Speaking Demo)

Scalable Training

Combine modalities such as live sessions, self-guided online training, team challenges and keynotes to embed my process into your culture.

Take Back Your Weekends
(Online Program Sample)

Online Learning

I offer several self-guided, on-demand training programs for individuals and teams.

Good Versus Bad Stress
(Speaking Demo)

Executive Coaching

For business owners and leaders who want to amplify their capacity to do even more, without the destructive stress.

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