Pull Your Team Out Of the Struggle…

‘Stop the Quit’ with my proven problem-solving framework that
mitigates risk of burnout and team turnover.

If you have an audience of high-achievers who are stressed, juggle multiple priorities and are exhausted from having to be resilient, then it’s time to explore my game-changing frameworks.

If you’ve already engaged stress management speakers or resilience keynote speakers, but have not seen meaningful improvements in stress levels or happiness, then let’s talk.

The root cause may not be an overwhelming workload, too much change or a lack of resilience. Instead, these issues can be addressed with a shift in perspective and a more effective approach to solving problems.

Whether my message is delivered on-site or virtually, expect me to deliver inspirational, thought-provoking concepts mixed with actionable, practical insights that will last long after the speech is done.

Let’s start with a no-obligation call.

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It’s possible to have success AND a life!

Waiting for the workload to slowdown before you are happier is not the answer! You don’t have to quit.

Discover a better, less stressful way to work!

Instead, discover how to: 

  • Take Back Your Weekends
  • Take Back Your Power
  • Take Back Your Life

I’m proud to have served high-performing organizations large and small such as these.

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Author, Media Commentator,
Speaker, Pragmatic optimist

Allison Graham

It looked like I had it all. A budding media career, political aspirations and a speaking business with enviable clients. Like so many others, the public smile did not reflect the reality behind the curtain. I was overwhelmed; on the verge of burnout…

Surgeries, losses and injuries forced me to re-evaluate my never-ending workload. Frustrated with trite advice that didn’t make an impact, I went on a resilience mastery journey to learn how to feel fulfilled and create a successful career – even with the reality of my circumstances.

It became obvious to me that I was getting sucked into destructive stress patterns that were making the tough stuff – and my day-to-day workload – harder to navigate.

I realized that the answer was to shift my relationship with challenge and change. I stopped expecting problems to disappear. Instead, I started solving problems more efficiently and navigating issues out of my control more effectively.

As a result, I created problem-solving, resilience-building, capacity-amplifying systems that I have shared with thousands of professionals.

My mission is to inspire others to live less stressful, more joyful lives – no matter their circumstances.

Longing For A Better Way To Balance Your Time?

Allow me to share 21 of the best insights I’ve found to take control of your time. Eliminate the destructive stress caused by your overloaded to-do list!

Each day for 21 days you’ll receive inspiration plus:

an actionable tip to achieve your goals

real-world stories to relate to the tips

exclusive opportunities for further learning

“A day off won’t fix burnout. To squash a destructive-stress culture and avoid high turnover, teams need to fundamentally shift how they solve problems and relate to their workload.” Allison Graham

To hold a date for Allison to speak at your next conference or professional development day, or to discuss a more in-depth training or consulting program, it all starts with a conversation.