Allison Graham

Discover the power of daily resilience.

It just takes small tweaks to create a big impact on leaders’ stress levels and their teams’ productivity.

Allison Graham inspires leaders to master daily resilience, so that they have new tools to respond faster and more effectively when facing stress, obstacles and adversity.

Since resilience is a foundational skill the outcomes you can expect for your audience include even better performance, stronger mental health and increased confidence when dealing with change, challenge and a never-ending, potentially overwhelming, task list.

Allison Graham
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Discover the Power of Resilience

small r resilience for daily productivity:

A person’s ability to effectively process daily challenges, so that obstacles don’t negatively impact performance or add bad stress.

Big R Resilience for major life events:

What most resilience programs cover. The human experience navigating major life events like grief, job loss or a difficult diagnosis.

small r resilience will have a greater impact on a person’s overall quality of life, work performance, fulfillment and relationships than BIG R Resilience experiences.

My programs will inspire your audience to think and act differently when facing stress, obstacles and adversity through my resilience frameworks. It will give them a simple system to turn to anytime they feel overwhelmed, are stressed or facing a problem at work.

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Allison offers a wide variety of services, and you’ll absolutely love working with her! Clients describe her as a “true professional”, “easy-to-work with” and a “breath of friendly fresh air walking into the conference.”

Small Group Training
One-On-One Coaching

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