Go from “Idea” to Published Online Course in DAYS!

I’ll walk you through EVERY STEP. You absolutely can be a successful course creator –

even if you suck at tech and have too much content!

Don’t Hold Yourself Back Anymore.

You CAN do this!

❌ You do not need to hire expensive consultants for tens of thousands of dollars.

❌ You do not need fancy designers or tech wizards.

❌ You do not need to hire a professional studio to produce effective teaching videos that will serve your students.

❌ You do not need to take months or years to get a program you’ll be proud of published online.

It’s so much easier than you think it is to build an online course you’ll be proud of when you know the right steps in the right order. Otherwise, building a course gets overwhelming. This course is like ripping off the Band-Aid. You’re going to get it done, it is going to be challenging, but at the end, you’ll have that course you always wanted to build, ready to go!

Build an Online Program

A Complete Do-It-Yourself, Step-By-Step Guide!

If you’ve always wanted to build an online program, but don’t know where to start, this program will show you exactly what to do.

Eliminate all the guess work. Inside this course, I walk you through every step it takes to build an online program, including technology tutorials, so you don’t have to scour the internet and waste hours to find the answers!

Here’s why this works.

It’s important to me to see you succeed. You are not flying solo.

Truthfully, I’ve bought expensive courses for thousands of dollars and hired expensive consultants for much more, but I didn’t get the answers I needed.

It’s because of those experiences and countless frustrating late nights that I spent troubleshooting and learning technology and course design, that I am able to help others create and publish their programs now.

This program is like a game of inception. I filmed myself building a course, so you could follow along as you build your course!

When I decided to build this program (and launched with enrolled students a WEEK later!) I said that I would pull back the curtain on everything it takes for someone to build their own course!

No smoke and mirrors. No strategic up-sells to get the ‘real’ answers. It’s all inside.

If you need to know how to do it, it’s covered in the program and if it’s not in there and it relates to building a course or using the technologies I recommend, you can ask me a question through the discussions tab.

If you start at the first lesson, do the task, and then go to the next lesson, by the time you reach the bottom, you will have a course built!

Build an Online Program

What’s Inside the Program:

The secret framework to avoid getting overwhelmed.

✅ Expert advice on how to easily chose the right amount of content and types of learning elements for maximum impact.

✅ Tech tutorials to create your learning elements including video shooting, basic editing and production.

✅ Tech recommendations for hosting your program. I teach the platform THINKIFIC. I explain why I choose Thinkific inside the course, although the principles will apply if you choose an alternate platform.

✅ Encouragement, fumbles, honest answers to what it takes to build your course.

Every day you wait to launch your online program, is another day the people you’re meant to serve are waiting for your knowledge.

Sometimes you just have to leap! I’ve got your back. You CAN do this.