How to Be Resilient in a Sales Slump

Even the best businesses and careers can go into a sales slump. Getting out of that sales slump quickly and gracefully takes some resilience mastery.

This episode is for the Resiliency Ninjas out there who may feel frustrated right now with their results – in sales or with achieving a project agenda. Here are some techniques I’ve learned over the years to help myself and my clients ride the ups and downs of biz.  

Sales Slump Resilience Quick Summary:

  • Detach from the outcome. Your mood and self confidence do not need to be linked from your results.
  • Focus on what’s within your control. You can’t force prospects to take action and you CAN push yourself to take the right activity to get results. Widen the top of your sales funnel.
  • Notice how you are reacting to the slump. Are you in victim mode or numbing out instead of focusing on the activity that will drive results.

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