Using my problem-solving framework, shift your approach to tasks, obstacles and adversity to expand capacity, without the burnout.

Let me tell you about the ice cube that became the snowman…


Imagine your tasks and obstacles as ice cubes and your job is to melt them.

Next, imagine a huge pile of snow that represents anything that steals your daily capacity such as worry, drama, self-judgment, not saying no, resentment or change fatigue.

Melting ice cubes is easy. People make it harder by packing snow around them, turning ice cubes into snowmen.

The extra snow complicates work, causes destructive stress and steals performance capacity from talented leaders and their teams.

Using my universal problem-solving framework, I teach professionals how to blast through the snow.

The result is leaders get more done and are happier doing it, even in times of challenge and change.

Tactics and inspiration to build resilience, so you can unlock daily emotional and mental capacity to do and be more.


The Problem-Solving Framework

Once you’ve learned the concepts within this three-part method for problem-solving, you can overlay the framework onto any issue to get solution-focused faster. Clients use this to stop destructive stress in its tracks, avoid burnout and to minimize capacity-sucking barriers to performance.

situational awareness is step 1
step 2 is self awareness
solution activation is step 3
Author, Media Commentator,
Speaker, Lover of Metaphors

Allison Graham

It looked like I had it all. A budding media career, political aspirations and a speaking business with enviable clients. Like so many others, the public smile did not reflect the reality behind the curtain. I was overwhelmed; on the verge of burnout.


How I deliver my framework.

The depth of service varies depending on your needs and desired outcomes.

How Daily Stressors Steal Capacity
(Speaking Demo)

Standalone Engagements

Inspire your audience and give them actionable takeaways to create ultimate resilience. (Small group in-person workshops, full virtual production studio for keynotes or home living room setting available.)

Leading a Resilient Culture
(Speaking Demo)

Leadership Programs

The Ultimate Resilience Journey is for discerning leaders who strive for excellence without burnout.

The Risk of Busy - Missing Kids' Childhood
(Speaking Demo)

Scalable Training

Combine modalities such as live sessions, self-guided online training, team challenges and keynotes to embed my process into your culture.

Take Back Your Weekends
(Online Program Sample)

Online Learning

I offer several self-guided, on-demand training programs for individuals and teams.

Good Versus Bad Stress
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Executive Coaching

For business owners and executive leaders who want to amplify their capacity , get unstuck and achieve more, without destructive stress.

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