How to Manage Your Frustration in 3 Minutes

Ever wondered why the little things become big annoying things?

Most of the time, one little annoying thing can cause our day to become so, so bad. It’s all about misplaced emotions. We put too much emotional investment into something that frustrates us, when in fact it’s something that just happens – and we need to move forward.

You’ll notice the stress showing up physically in your body – you’ll start to scratch your head, your brain will thump, or you’ll catch yourself sighing and sighing. You’ll feel annoyed with everything that’s going on around you and it will cause a domino effect – inconvenient things will start to happen.

When one thing happens that seem to get you frustrated, ask yourself if you’re legitimately upset and if it deserves your emotional investment. If not, it’s best to not overcloud it for the rest of the day. Solve what happened using the solution-activation framework and get on with your day!

This quick video tackles a very important issue – managing your frustrations so it won’t affect your day.