Privacy Policy

You may be expecting some complicated mumbo jumbo on this page, but not so.

Here’s the deal:

I’ll never let anyone have your information.

If you send me a message or coach with me, I’m your VAULT!!

Even if I share an anecdote from our conversation during a post or audio program, I will never disclose your name or company or allow for any association to you.

In fact, unless you provide a testimonial for my services or explicitly publicly state you’re a client, no one will ever know we’ve worked together.

You can also rest easy, because the technologies I’ve chosen have the highest, trusted security available online, so that also helps with having a strong privacy policy.

Refund Policy / Disclaimer

I stand behind my messages and share from my personal point of view and experience. I value transparency. I recognize that ideas that work for me or another client, may not be the answer for another. I encourage you to look at my messages and apply the content to your own circumstances to craft the best advice for your journey.

Personal and professional development is a journey. There are no guarantees of how long it will take you to succeed. It’s your personal responsibility to take action, apply the content and take steps on your journey.

Having said that, if you believe that a product you have purchased from me does not meet your expectations, and after going through the entire program, you believe it is not of value, then I will refund your money up to 30 days after purchase.

My preference, however, is to have a chance to exceed your expectations and would like to have a call first to discuss what could be the solution for you!

Please contact me directly should you have a concern.

Company Info and Branding

You may notice a few brand logos across my online presence.

My company has gone through several marketing iterations over the years. Instead of getting caught up in logo details, some of my online programs or past demo videos still reflect older branding.

My formal company name is:

Elevate Seminars + Strategic Development Inc. (founded in 2006)

305-611 Wonderland Rd. N. London, ON, N6H5N7

I operated as Elevate Biz (registered trademark) for most of my business. (which had 4 logos)

Then I switched to operating as Resiliency Ninja when I launched all of the personal and professional development content that went way past the networking and business development in Elevate Biz.

Plus, my clients expanded beyond just business owners, so the “biz” didn’t make sense.

Now, I’ve decided Allison Graham is the brand.

While the logo has changed over the years, my commitment to client service and developing valuable content has not.