A DIY Solution to Build and Publish an Online Program in Days Even if You Suck at Tech.


Want to serve your clients virtually, but don’t know where to start?

My colleagues in the speaking, consulting and coaching industry were asking me how I build online programs so easily and quickly. Well, it’s taken a decade to learn how to do it all. I decided to film myself building an online program to show you exactly how to build an online program, so that you can follow along and build your online program!

Take Back Your Weekends:

A Better, Less Stressful Way to Do All You Do


Find your Sweet Spot of Performance.

This is not your typical stress reduction and productivity program. It features new and proven concepts that I use myself and with my clients (generally business owners and mid-to-senior leaders) to overcome feeling overwhelmed. Because waiting for your to-do list to slow down is not the answer.

Profitable Networking and Personal Branding Made Easy!


Open doors and build profile by building a professional network.

Being talented isn’t enough – you need to have the right connections. This program outlines everything you need to know to get connected. From mingling to remembering names to strategically deciding where to go when – especially if you are strapped for time is in here. Join thousands of other professionals who have used this material to change their life!

Busy is a Bad Excuse: Achieve Even More Without Added Stress, a Guide for Busy Professionals.

This ebook is a super-fast read and is jammed with ideas on how to take back your time. Download it today for free to find super-easy ways to move from feeling too busy with everything on your plate, to feeling in control of your schedule, empowered to say no and ready to focus on what matters most in your life.

From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy.

The complete guide to master professional relationships. Published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd, it has been used as a textbook for business schools and as a standard for networking performance for some of North America’s most discerning companies.

Take Back Your Weekends: A Leader's Guide to a Better, Less Stressful Way to Optimize the 9 to 5


A book for professionals who are under a lot of pressure, are committed to doing their job well and want to still have a life. It’s jammed with a fresh perspective on daily resilience and will give you a new sense of control, even if you have lots to do.

How to Be Resilient When Life Sucks

This book is for anyone who is going through tough times and feels like they can’t take one more minute of life’s punches. Highly relatable, relevant and jammed with practical advice of how to master resilience in the face of obstacles and adversities. Based on Allison’s decade of challenges, when she faced surgeries, chronic pain, injuries and grief, while running a successful business.