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Option #1: Take Back Your Weekends: A Better, Less Stressful Way to Do All You Do

As a professional, you’re expected to do too much, with too little time and too few resources. The idea that one day things will slow down and then you’ll be happy, less stressed or more productive is an illusion. In fact, workloads are intensifying. So, how can you excel in that reality and not get sucked into the vortex of stress where people feel overwhelmed and dangle on the brink of burnout?

In this session, resiliency expert, author and media commentator Allison Graham, will share a fresh perspective on daily resilience, which will insulate you from the negative impact of stressors, challenges and change. Her bold and authentic style will empower you to reposition stress, obstacles and adversity, so that you can optimize your productivity and protect your mental health.

The audience will discover:
  • The difference types of resilience and how that impacts your life and ability to deal with stress and challenges.
  • How to use good stress to fuel performance and diminish the bad stress that steals productivity and fulfillment.
  • How stress, obstacles and adversity are different and require different tools to deal with each.
  • Why a lot of stress is unnecessarily created and how to shift your perspective to minimize the bad stress.
  • Ideas to lower unhealthy habits such as worry, judgment and catastrophizing obstacles.

Option #2: Mastering Daily Resilience:
Solve Challenges Without the Stress

At times, it can feel like you’re playing a real-life game of whack-a-mole, swatting down one problem just in time for another to erupt – and that’s happening at home and work. Conflicting priorities, rapid change, and unending demands on your time and talents can cause burn out, frustration and a loss of productivity.

Success is not saved for innately resilient people like professional athletes and mountain climbers. Resilience is a skill that can be nurtured and perfected by anyone eager to embrace all life has to offer. Allison will share her formula, so that you can hone your inner strength and rise stronger, and more successful than before, no matter what challenges you face.

The audience will discover:

  • How everyday resilience will directly impact your overall quality of life and your results.
  • Allison’s formula to master resilience.
  • How to reposition obstacles to allow for more innovative problem solving.
  • How to assign your emotional capacity to create the most resilient approach to challenges.

Option #3: Leading a Resilient Culture:
How To Create a More Harmonious and Productive Workplace

We’re working in a time of unprecedented, rapid change. Just as your team adjusts to one issue, shifting needs or the marketplace dictate another. Mastering everyday resilience is a proactive step you can take before change-fatigue sets in and your best leaders burnout.

This program addresses the different ways people react to obstacles and shares fresh concepts to inspire yourself and others to operate in the Resiliency Ninja zone. You’ll leave with ideas and inspiration to empower a supportive and productive culture that embraces obstacles, minimizes unnecessary stress and diminishes resistance to change.

The audience will discover:

  • The different ways professionals respond to challenges and the benefits / drawbacks of each.
  • How to identify yours and your team members style natural response.
  • How being “too busy” can hinder your leadership results and what to do about it.
  • Simple leadership tools to empower team members to complain less, do more and be more innovative when problem solving.

Option #4: Uncover the Secrets to Making the Right Connections:
How to Supercharge Your Professional Network

The greatest asset in your professional life is your network. Connecting and building meaningful professional relationships with people from various sectors and within your organization who have access to different resources and wisdom, can be a challenging obstacle. Overloaded task lists, heavy work demands, and comfort zones can mean that relationship development is reactive at best, and, at worst, non-existent. With the right tools, you can overcome this challenge in a fraction of the time it would take others.

Allison will reveal the secrets that the most connected people know to evolve and solidify profitable relationships that lead to opportunities, instead of just being busy. You will learn what it takes to inspire trust while moving a connection from being just known to a loyal professional relationship.

The audience will discover:

  • The steps that cause a relationship to evolve into a loyal client and active referral source, so that each person understands the process and can determine how they may create better relationships with clients.
  • The 4 motivations that are required for a relationship to develop and how that makes it easier to connect with clients and makes small talk more purposeful and natural.
  • Ways to integrate your networking efforts into daily practice when your to do list is already overloaded.  
  • Techniques to navigate networking events with confidence and ease in order to get higher value from the experience and more authentic connections.

This program is avaialble online as a standalone program or for continued learning post-event.

image of allison graham's online program on business networking

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